We support the supply chain and enterprise development environment.

We support the supply chain by using advanced filters to search for procurement-ready suppliers and engage them on opportunities in a transparent manner that improves supplier diversity.

About Linkage

Supply Chain Managers and Procurement Officers are able to access procurement ready SMMEs (Platinum graded) for any opportunities.
Enterprise Supplier Development stakeholders are able to access all businesses registered on the platform in order to carry out their ESD programmes.

If an appropriate SMME or SMMEs cannot be found, Linkage can find, recruit, vet and grade appropriate SMMEs on behalf of the corporate

SMMEs who do not receive a procurement ready status and are graded Blue, Bronze, Silver and Gold are supported with growth plans until they are ready for corporate procurement.

The platform links the entire development ecosystem and value proposition on one platform to track the conversion from development to procurement. Linkage allows for collaboration and communication within the platform.

Linkage also offers value-added services, such as a loan management system, verification and authentication, and development content and tools.

It provides group-wide data to enable reporting and analytics concerning supplier development and diversity. Each client has a subdomain to customise their needs and integrate internal systems.

Corporate support dimensions:

Linkage offers an integrated solution to the problems of supplier diversity, market access, supplier development and sustainability.

SCM: Supplier diversity and supplier development

Enterprise development support: BDS and funding facilitation

SMME onboarding, verification and grading

Grant or soft loan management

Learning management support

Future module: Sustainable development goal management

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