Decent work and economic growth.

Linkage aims to constantly address long standing preferential procurement challenges by ensuring that our packages offer innovative and sustainable solutions.

Corporate Packages

Linkage is an online digital platform that makes it easy for corporates and SMME’s to work together.

This is achieved by empowering stakeholders within a corporate context to collaborate effectively in SMME development, supplier diversity, localization of opportunities and driving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No 8: Decent work and Economic Growth in the SMME Sector.

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There are 4 packages in Linkage.

By digitising the various steps involved in finding, developing and engaging new SMME suppliers, Linkage offers a streamlined, well-integrated service.

Freemium Package

The Freemium package allows corporates to use Linkage to recruit SMMEs at no cost. Corporates are able to organise and access procurement ready SMME documents on the platform.

Basic Package

The Basic package caters for companies who are focused on providing supply chain opportunities for SMMEs in a specific radius and at national level. Typically, these SMME’s are already vetted Platinum SMME’s and have proven track record. Corporates on Linkage broadcast all available procurement opportunities on Linkage.

Pro Package

The Pro package caters for corporates who typically link their development efforts to procurement outcomes. However, the platform also caters for those that do not link SMME development to procurement.

SMMEs are developed against procurement opportunities and some SMMEs convert to supplier status based on their progress on development.

SMMEs follow a development path guided by the system diagnostic tool and growth plans. Upon achieving milestones, they progress until they reach Platinum level.

Enterprise Package

The Enterprise package is the ultimate package that has the full functionalities of both the Basic and Pro packages.

The Enterprise package allows for customisation and integration into other internal corporate systems. The platform would be branded for with the enterprises branding and use a branded sub-domain.

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