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Careers at Linkage.

Our mission is to make it simple for corporates and SMMEs to work together. 

About Linkage

One Linkage, a woman owned and led technology company that builds technologies that make it easy for corporates to work with SMMEs.

Linkage is an end-to-end SaaS digital platform designed to make it easy for corporates to onboard, manage, track development, and report on the integration of SMMEs into supply chains.

Linkage has automated and digitalised the processes and workflows required by supply chain, corporate affairs, finance, and sustainability.

It enables the collaboration and transparency required to support SMME integration into supply chain.

“We are a multi-cultural team where everybody’s contribution counts and where everybody is committed to push the technology to the next level. It’s challenging, rewarding and fun.”

Nwabisa Ntini, Junior Business Analyst

Why work at Linkage?

We are solution-driven

We aim to exceed client expectations and follow the ethos of continuous improvement

We are courageous. We raise our ideas and concerns boldly and with conviction

We are transparent. There are no secrets

We believe in localisation. We are in tune with local business issues

We are a start-up

Here’s what it’ll be like to work with us:
  • More opportunities to learn about all aspects across the business: You’ll have the opportunity to do a lot of different things.
  • Flexible hours
  • Unique experience: There is nothing quite like the pace and excitement of working at a start-up.
  • Lots of workplace benefits: Even though we are a start-up, we make sure we look after our team.
  • Vibrant and dynamic culture
  • Increased job satisfaction: This is because you will be involved directly in the growth and evolution of the company. You are actively and directly contributing to the company’s success. Your work will be recognised.
  • Minimal supervision: We expect go-getters who can get stuck in and add value without excessive guidance
  • Opportunities for innovation: We are not stuck in our ways. We are always looking for new ideas to improve our offering.
  • Exposure to innovators: You’ll be surrounded by individuals who are pushing for new ideas, pushing to break down barriers and strive to find original solutions.
  • More responsibility.
  • Constant change: Be ready for this. We are agile and need to be so to remain competitive.
  • Hard work, ownership and self-sustainability are key competencies for success.

Current Opportunities

There are no career listings available at the moment.

At One Linkage...

We do things a bit differently. There is no corporate nonsense, no micro-management and no hiding behind fancy job titles. We are a self-sufficient, autonomous team.