Enterprise Package

The Enterprise package is the ultimate package that has full functionalities of both the Basic and Pro packages. Enterprise package allows for customisation and integration into other internal corporate systems.

Features / Functions / Characteristics

Project Recruitment Module
Configure your application on Linkage for your recruitment project
SMMEs to register and apply on Linkage for your recruitment needs
SMMEs to complete business profile and upload required documents
SMMEs categorised based on the industry
Obtain list of all SMMEs to schedule interviews and conduct adjudication through Linkage
Supply Chain Module
Search Linkage for Platinum SMMEs (Procurement Categories Subgroup Level 3)
Onboard graded SMMEs and allocate vendor numbers
Issue RFP/RFI/EOI and share sourcing calendar
Broadcast procurement opportunities
Grading of client SMME database
Ability to recruit SMMEs against an opportunity
Search local SMMEs within specified radius
SMME database upload - Template
SMME performance management
Supply Management Module
Register to access corporate opportunities
SMME verification and validation of reference checks
Respond to RFPs/RFI/EOI and recruitment opportunities
Apply for grading, development and funding
Participate in development plan objectives
Apply for re-grade to improve grading levels
Monitor own grading conversion, performance and progress
Communicate with sponsors, mentors , SCM and other SMMEs
Access digital learning management system and other SMME tools
ESD Program Management
Recruit SMMEs for development and funding from Linkage
Automate SMME interviews and adjudication
Onboard SMMEs for development program
Automate SMME validation and verification
Configure system Diagnostic assessment based on 8 business dimensions
Track and drive implementation of individualised development plans
Loan Facilitation
Digitised BDS support
Configured reports
Customize reports
Future Modules:
Learning Management System
Funding Management System (SMME Funding)
SMME Support Tools (HR, Finance, CRM, Contract Management)
Sustainable Development Goals Management
Support & Control
≤ 24 hours Incident Management Turnaround
Dedicated Service Account Manager
Account Executive (with direct access to executive team)
Admin Console
Implementation Options
Integration to other ERP and Cloud Sytems (SAP, Oracle, Salesforce)
Personalised URL
Group Training
Recommended minimum number of users 50

Customisation and Variable Charges

Customisation Cost Basis
Business process mapping
Custom APIs
Subdomain setup (domain white listing)
Custom process adaptation
Quoted on a case-by-case basis, based on a rate card and scope.
Additional Training Cost Basis
Training on custom components
New joiner training
Refresher training
Quoted on a cost per seat basis. Recommended minimum of five attendees per training module.
Change Management Cost Basis
As-is assessment
Gap Analysis
Change impact assessment
Stakeholder engagement
Quoted on a case-by-case basis, based on a rate card and scope.

Other available packages:

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