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Linkage uses advanced technology and data to deliver effective collaborative system for stakeholders within a corporate to drive shared value.


to Linkage.

We make it simple for corporates to achieve supplier diversity and supplier development in the emerging markets.

About Linkage

Linkage is an integrated, cloud-based digital platform that facilitates seamless collaboration and transparency between stakeholders to achieve supplier diversity and small business development.

It links SMME suppliers with corporate buyers in a curated marketplace within an online context.

Linkage makes it easier for corporate companies and SMMEs to work together in terms of SMME:

  • Recruitment,
  • Verification & grading,
  • Onboarding,
  • Business development support management,
  • Facilitation of funding,
  • Granting access to procurement opportunities


Linkage has automated and digitized this process, allowing both procurement teams and ESD specialists to work together towards a common goal of integrating SMMEs into supply chains through transparent workflows that respond to the unique challenges presented by a corporate environment.

How it works

It supports the supply chain by using advanced filters to search for platinum graded suppliers and engage them on opportunities in a transparent manner that improves supplier diversity.
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SMMEs are graded Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum based on their level of readiness to engage a corporate, and they are supported until they are ready for defined opportunities.

The platform links the entire development ecosystem and value proposition on one platform to track the conversion from development to procurement. As a result, Linkage allows for collaboration and communication within the platform.

The platform offers value-added services, such as a loan management system, verification and authentication, and a library of development content and tools.

It provides group-wide data to enable reporting and analytics concerning supplier development and diversity. Each client has a subdomain to customize their needs and integrate internal systems.

Linkage Supports A Corporate As Follows:

SCM: Supplier Diversity and Supplier Development
Enterprise Development Support (BDS, Funding Facilitation)
SMME Onboarding, Verification and Grading

Linkage Offers 3 Additional Modules:

Grant or soft loan management
Learning management support
Sustainable development goals


Linkage is an online digital platform that makes it easy for corporates and SMMEs to work together.

Linkage empowers stakeholders within a corporate context to collaborate effectively.

Linkage makes it possible for SMME’s to gain equal access procurement opportunity bby enabling a transparent and auditable process between onboarding, development and conversion as a supplier.

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Linkage offers 4 packages:
Freemium, Basic, Pro and Enterprise.

The freemium package allows corporates to use Linkage to recruit SMMEs at no cost. This package has limited functionality. The benefit is the ability to organise and access SMME documents on Linkage.
The platform connects the entire value proposition and development ecosystem on one platform to track the conversion from development to procurement. Linkage allows for effective collaboration and communication.
Caters for corporates that typically link their development efforts to procurement outcomes. SMME’s are developed against procurement opportunities and some SMME’s are converted to suppliers based on their progress on development. SMME’s follow a development path guided by the system diagnostic tool and growth plans. Upon achieving milestones, they progress until they reach Platinum level.
Offers full functionality and allows for customisation and integration into other internal corporate systems. An implementation package is included to enable customisation.
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