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Decent work and economic growth.

Linkage aims to constantly address long standing preferential procurement challenges by ensuring that our packages offer innovative and sustainable solutions.

Linkage is an online digital platform that makes it easy for corporates and SMME’s to work together.

SMMEs are developed towards procurement ready status and their progress can be actively and transparently tracked. 

To experience the platform first hand

Linkage offers two different packages:

Standard features not customised but could be configured.

Customisable package based on the needs of the corporates, incubator or accelerator.

21 day free trial

The 21-day trial allows you full access to the Linkage ESD platform for 21-days at no cost. Experience first-hand, the value the platform can add to the implementation of your ESD programme.

Pro Package

The Pro package caters for corporates who require a plug-and-play solution. The features are standardised but configurable.

  • Access to the full set of platform features.
  • Generic and custom growth plans can be implemented with ESD SMMEs.

Enterprise Package

The Enterprise package provides you with a fully
customised version of the platform that is tailored
towards your organisations unique processes.

  • Allows for integration into other internal corporate systems.
  • White labelled for your own branding requirements.

Want to know more?

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