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React Developer


The Linkage platform is a multi-tenanted SaaS platform used by corporates and SMMEs so that corporates can identify suitable SMMEs to develop them into suppliers for the corporate.

The platform is built using the following technology stack:

  • Flask framework (Python 3.6) hosted on AWS Fargate ECS;
  • PostgreSQL hosted on AWS RDS;
  • React hosted on CloudFront;
  • CloudFormation, CodeBuild, CodePipeline, and CodeCommit for CI/CD and VCS.

The solution consists of other AWS services to ensure that it satisfies enterprise-grade requirements.

Our team runs on a hybrid model where software development is outsourced and product management, project management, and business analysis are performed internally. The outsourced team consists of 3 Python developers and 1 React developer.

We are looking for a React Developer with experience deploying and maintaining services on AWS infrastructure who will be the first member of our internal software development team. You will work closely with the outsourced team under the guidance of Linkage’s CTO. This opportunity will expose you to an advanced application that is being overhauled to improve performance, integrate new business logic, and reduce cost.

Requirements / Experience

  • Minimum 1 year of experience developing user-facing applications using React, version 17+
  • Building modular and reusable components and libraries;
  • Optimising applications for performance;
  • Staying up to date with all recent developments in either the React space;
  • Keeping an eye on security updates and issues found with React and all project dependencies;
  • Proposing any upgrades and updates necessary for keeping up with modern security and development best practices;
  • Proficient in HTML, CSS (SASS) and vanilla JS for manipulating the DOM;
  • Comfortable reading React and JavaScript code (adapting to an existing project);
  • Understand routing and state management and routing in React;
  • Proficient in writing code using JavaScript ES2021 and TypeScript v4.5 or later;
  • Sharing knowledge with other developers and a strong affinity to learn;
  • Working with Git CLI;
  • NodeJS version 12+
  • Familiar with Bitbucket/GitHub and Jira for project management;
  • Proficient in reviewing code via pull requests;
  • Comfortable adopting other JavaScript based technologies and frameworks;
  • Critical thinking and the ability to independently solve problems, even under pressure.


  • Certification in one or more web development technologies or frameworks.


  • Understanding of Python to interrogate back-end API logic;
  • Experience building and deploying React applications to AWS CloudFront;
  • Serverless application development using AWS Lambda;
  • Architecting full stack projects considering factors such as cost, quality, ease of development, scalability;
  • Comfortable with setting up new projects from scratch including the development environment,  build process using Webpack and CI/CD.

Why Linkage and what is it like to work at Linkage

  • Flexible working conditions;
  • You’ll be issued with a company laptop and the necessary peripherals (should you not have your own);
  • A dynamic, start-up environment where you won’t just be a number;
  • Skills development opportunities in the form of budget and time allocation for short courses;
  • There is no corporate nonsense and no hiding behind fancy job titles;
  • We have a vibrant, inclusive, autonomous company culture, with a hands-on management team who will be on the front lines with you, instead of trying to micro-manage you from the top.

Application Requirements

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