Opinion piece: Localisation of the supply chain supports SMMEs and translates to economic growth

By Hepsy Mkhungo, CEO and co-founder of Linkage Supply chain localisation could spell significant benefits for the South African economy, driving the development of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) – a sector that is central to the country’s economic recovery. Localisation essentially requires corporates to provide business opportunities, within the sphere of their own […]

R3.7m approved for distribution to affected SMME’s…so far

One Linkage is proud to announce the successful disbursement of the first set of grant funding from the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC). The IDC established the Post Unrest Business Recovery Fund to address the urgent need to assist companies and entities affected by the unrest and looting which occurred in July 2021 in order to […]

Online Event: Global Entrepreneurship Week

8 – 14 November – Global Entrepreneurship Week: Let’s talk about inclusion! Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) this year has chosen the theme of Education, Ecosystem, Policies and Inclusion. Here at One Linkage, we have chosen to focus on Inclusion. Join us on our social media channels from 8-12 November as we discuss: What the principle of Inclusion means to entrepreneurs in South Africa […]

SAFM Interview – SMME’s vulnerability in South Africa

Hepsy was interviewed by Cathy Mohlahlana on SAFM about SMMEs’ vulnerability in South Africa.  Click here to listen to our founder and CEO, Hepsy talking with Cathy Mohlahlana about how vulnerable SMMEs are in South Africa and what corporates and government could be doing to support them.

Opinion piece: Digitalisation of SMME enablement is key to their integration in corporate supply chains

By Hepsy Mkhungo, CEO of One Linkage If South Africa is to successfully drive job creation and achieve sustainable economic growth, the key is to enable large corporate support for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMMEs). The small business sector is instrumental to creating an inclusive economy and a better life for the previously marginalised. While large organisations are pressed to support smaller […]

One Linkage launches campaign for corporates to support SMMEs affected by unrest

One Linkage, a women-owned technology company, is putting its weight behind efforts to help small South African businesses recover from the spate of unrest that affected parts of the country in recent days. A week of looting and rioting has seen the destruction of thousands of businesses in the Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal provinces, with many of these being Small, Medium and […]